Graduate students

Dr Gioia De Franceschi

  • PhD Candidate 2014-2017. Supported by a EC Marie Curie Career Integration Grant and UCL Impact scheme

  • Now a post-doc at with Tania Barkat at Basel

Dr Ankur Perry

  • PhD Candidate 2015-2018. (Collaborative project with Robert Hindges, Kings College). Supported by a BBSRC LiDo PhD Studentship

Dr Saba Gharaei

  • PhD Candidate 2011-2015. Supported by a APA

  • Now a post-doc at John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU

Dr Selina Solomon

  • PhD Candidate 2011-2014. Supported by a World Scholars Award

  • In 2014 Selina won the Hunter Prize for best publication in the School of Medical Sciences, for Solomon et al., 2015, Cerebral Cortex

  • Now a post-doc with Adam Kohn at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York

Dr Soon-Keen Cheong

  • PhD Candidate 2008-2012. (Collaborative project with Prof Paul Martin)

  • In 2012 Kenny won the Dean's Research Student Publication Prize for Cheong et al., 2011, and later the 2012 Paxinos-Watson Prize from the Australian Neuroscience Society for the same paper

  • Until recently a post-doc with Bill Merigan at University of Rochester, now at Stanford

Dr Erin Goddard

  • Honours 2006. Awarded Honours First Class. Erin won the Colin Dunlop Prize for Best Honours Thesis in Physiology

  • PhD Candidate 2007-2010. (Collaborative projects with Prof Colin Clifford).

  • Until recently a post-doc with Tom Carlson at University of Sydney, now at McGill in Montreal


Postdoctoral researchers

Dr Neel Dhruv 2014. Rodent behavioural attention. Now an editor at Nature Neuroscience

Dr Spencer Chen 2012-2015. Population coding in area MT. Now a post-doc at University of Texas at Austin

Dr Stefano DiMarco 2010-2013. Inhibitory control of retinal sensitivity. Now running his own lab at Università degli Studi dell'Aquila, Italy

Dr Aaron Camp 2007-2009. Adaptive mechanisms in LGN. Now Lecturer, Biomedical Sciences, Sydney


PhD Rotation students

Zak Ahmad 2017-8. BBSRC LiDO student. Escape response in zebrafish.


Honours and Masters students

Risto Jamul. Erasmus+ 2017. Now a PhD student in the MRC programme at Kings College. 

Mo Kamel. MRes Brain Sciences 2017. Now being a doctor.  

Carl Bunce. MSc Cognitive Neuroscience 2016.  

Haroon Rashid. MSc Neuroscience 2015.  

Ankur Perry. MRes Neuroscience 2014. Now a PhD student at Kings College with Robert Hindges.

Anastasia Sizemova. Honours 2012. Anastasia is travelling.

Chris Davey. Honours 2012. Now at a PhD student with Simon Fleming in Physics, University of Sydney.

Arnab Ahmed. Honours 2010. Collaborative project with Tamara Watson. Recently completed a PhD at UWS with Tamara Watson

Nathan Coorey. Honours 2009. Recently completed a PhD at Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney

Rajiv Wijesinghe. Honours 2009. Now doing Graduate Medical Program

Lucy Parakhina. Honours 2008. Now a professional photographer