Graduate students

Gioia De Franceschi

  • PhD Candidate 2014-2017. Supported by a EC Marie Curie Career Integration Grant and UCL Impact scheme
  • Now a post-doc at with Tania Barkat at Basel

Dr Saba Gharaei

  • PhD Candidate 2011-2015. Supported by a APA
  • Now a post-doc at John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU

Dr Selina Solomon

  • PhD Candidate 2011-2014. Supported by a World Scholars Award
  • In 2014 Selina won the Hunter Prize for best publication in the School of Medical Sciences, for Solomon et al., 2015, Cerebral Cortex
  • Now a post-doc with Adam Kohn at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York

Dr Soon-Keen Cheong

  • PhD Candidate 2008-2012. (Collaborative project with Prof Paul Martin)
  • In 2012 Kenny won the Dean's Research Student Publication Prize for Cheong et al., 2011, and later the 2012 Paxinos-Watson Prize from the Australian Neuroscience Society for the same paper
  • Now a post-doc with Bill Merigan at University of Rochester

Dr Erin Goddard

  • Honours 2006. Awarded Honours First Class. Erin won the Colin Dunlop Prize for Best Honours Thesis in Physiology
  • PhD Candidate 2007-2010. (Collaborative projects with Prof Colin Clifford).
  • Now a post-doc with Tom Carlson at University of Sydney


Postdoctoral researchers

Dr Neel Dhruv 2014. Rodent behavioural attention. Now an editor at Nature Neuroscience

Dr Spencer Chen 2012-2015. Population coding in area MT. Now a post-doc at University of Texas at Austin

Dr Stefano DiMarco 2010-2013. Inhibitory control of retinal sensitivity. Now running his own lab at Università degli Studi dell'Aquila, Italy

Dr Aaron Camp 2007-2009. Adaptive mechanisms in LGN. Now Lecturer, Biomedical Sciences, Sydney


PhD Rotation students

Zak Ahmad 2017-8. BBSRC LiDO student. Escape response in zebrafish.


Honours and Masters students

Risto Jamul. Erasmus+ 2017.  

Mo Kamel. MRes Brain Sciences 2017.  

Carl Bunce. MSc Cognitive Neuroscience 2016.  

Haroon Rashid. MSc Neuroscience 2015.  

Ankur Perry. MRes Neuroscience 2014. Now a PhD student at Kings College with Robert Hindges.

Anastasia Sizemova. Honours 2012. Anastasia is travelling.

Chris Davey. Honours 2012. Now at a PhD student with Simon Fleming in Physics, University of Sydney.

Arnab Ahmed. Honours 2010. Collaborative project with Tamara Watson. Recently completed a PhD at UWS with Tamara Watson

Nathan Coorey. Honours 2009. Recently completed a PhD at Save Sight Institute, University of Sydney

Rajiv Wijesinghe. Honours 2009. Now doing Graduate Medical Program

Lucy Parakhina. Honours 2008. Now a professional photographer