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Post-doctoral opening with Sam, Kate and Aman

Applications are invited for the post of Research Associate in the Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience (IBN), located within the Experimental Psychology Research Department, UCL. The project, funded by a three-year BBSRC grant awarded to Sam Solomon in association with Aman Saleem and Kate Jeffery, aims to understand how animals use visual information to motivate and organise escape behaviour. We are interested in both how sensory signals drive behaviour and how cognitive circuits direct behaviour. The project will involve multi-channel electrophysiology and cellular imaging in mice to reveal the neural signals, and optogenetic and lesion methods to causally perturb responses.

The successful candidate will be expected to design, conduct and analyse data from behavioural and electrophysiology experiments in mice. The appointee will also be expected to contribute to the writing of manuscripts and presenting the data at international conferences. Strong support for personal and professional development will be available.

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